Turn those Covid frowns, upside down! 

This year has certainly been tough for everyone and it looks like the usual trick or treat festivities may be put on hold.  With that in mind, we'd like to offer some alternative fun ideas for the children (and adults) to enjoy.

Create a new Halloween experience and use dry ice to produce magical spooky effects safely in your home or outside in your garden.

Dry Ice At Halloween Party

Dry Ice Fun At Halloween

Witches Brew / Smoking Cauldron

A witches brew with a spooky smoke effect

Always a great one to spellbind and entertain the kids. You can pick up a plastic witches cauldron at a party supply or dollar store. 

If you just want to use it for the 'bubbling witches brew' effect then all you do is fill it half full with hot water and scoop in a cup of the dry ice pellets.  Make sure you've got your camera handy before adding the dry ice so you can capture people's expressions and the great spooky effects!

This will produce the cascading fog effect for 2-3 minutes.

After that,  it's just a case of replacing the hot water and dry ice every time you want to create the smokey witches brew effect.

The Smoking Drinks Pitcher (Or Punchbowl)

A Smoking Dry Ice Container in a drinks pitcher
A Smoking Drinks Pitcher

The smoking pitcher or punchbowl effect uses our 'smoking dry ice container' for safety purposes and these are available in packs of two. 

Call us on 416-252-7137 for more information.

Like the smoking cauldron, you can pick up a pitcher or punchbowl at a party supply or dollar store. Fill the pitcher with a non carbonated juice or beverage (avoid pure orange juice and milk based drinks unless you want very a messy bubble effect) and drop in a smoking dry ice container when ready to serve.


The dry ice container keeps the dry ice safely contained so it can't get into someones drink when pouring or ladelling.

The Smoking Jack-O-Lantern

Smoking Stir sticks in halloween cups with fruit juice

This is another favorite and takes the jack-o-lantern concept a stage further by using dry ice to produce the spooky fog effects.

Make sure you get a big enough pumpkin, so when you carve it out there is enough space to place a bowl of hot water inside it.  You then add dry ice pellets to the bowl of warm water to create the effect. Ideally, put your pumpkin on a stand or table so the fog can flow down to get the best effect.

Five Essential Dry Ice Safety Tips At Halloween  

# 1 - Never leave dry ice unattended around children

#2 - Do not touch dry ice with bare hands

Use insulated gloves, a scoop, or tongs

#3 - Do not put dry ice in your mouth or attempt to eat it

#4 - Always store dry ice in a well ventilated area

#5 - When transporting dry ice in your car, make sure there is a supply of fresh air coming into the vehicle (open a window slightly)

Halloween FAQs

What type of dry ice should I buy?

If you want to make a spooky smoke effect, we recommend buying our dry ice pellets as pictured below. They are easy to handle and produce great effects for smoking pumpkins and cauldrons.  They also work with our smoking dry ice containers.

Dry Ice Pellets for Halloween

How much dry ice do I need?

5kg of dry ice pellets will allow you to make fog effects for a couple of hours.  

15kg of pellets will allow you to make fog effects from late afternoon for the younger trick or treaters, and carry you through until late evening for the older trick or treaters and any party fog effects you may want.  The best thing to do is plan out the effects you want to do during the afternoon / evening and we can recommend the amount of dry ice you need when you come in to pick up.

When should I purchase and pick up my dry ice?

We recommend picking the dry ice up on the day of your party / event, and if possible a couple of hours before you want to start using it.   

What do I store the dry ice in once I've picked it up?

A chest cooler (as pictured below) is ideal to store dry ice.  Styrofoam coolers work well too and we have a large selection for sale at our customer service counter. Don't put it in the fridge or freezer as the temperature and air flow will make the dry ice sublimate faster.  Always store dry ice in a well ventilated area.

Camping Cooler withbox and bag of dry ice inside

What should I do with any leftover dry ice?

Leave any leftover dry ice in its storage container with the lid on in a well ventilated area and it will naturally sublimate away over a day or two.

Is there anything I need on hand to use the dry ice safely?

Dry ice is extremely cold (-78 C) and should be handled with care.  It can cause frostbite on bare skin.  Always use insulated gloves, tongs, or a scoop to pick up dry ice pellets.  Please check out our FAQ / Tips page HERE for more information.  

Halloween Girl Smoking Cauldron Crop.jpg

Here's To A Safe And Happy Halloween!


Call us on 416-252-7137 with any halloween dry ice questions