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Dry Ice Is Our Business

From 5kg walk-in orders at our customer counter to large volume daily deliveries, Dry Ice & Gases Co. can take care of your dry ice requirements.

We supply various forms of dry ice and offer a special custom cut service should you require a specific size of slab or block.

The Types Of Dry Ice We Sell

Dry Ice Full Blocks.jpg

Dry Ice Blocks

(Available in 12kg half block & 24kg full block)

Placing Ice Around Product In Styro alt.
Slabs Vivid Cool.png

Dry Ice Slabs

(1", 2", and 3" thick slabs, plus customer specific size cuts available)

dry ice pellets dry ice nuggets

Dry Ice Pellets

(5/8" diameter)


Dry Ice Blasting Pellets

(1/8" diameter for cleaning / blasting machines)

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