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Latest News And Product Information

2nd December 2022 - DRY ICE & GASES CHRISTMAS / NEW YEAR OPENING 2022 (All Times EST)

Friday 23rd December - Regular business hours 8am-5pm 

Saturday 24th December  - CLOSED

Sunday 25th December  - CLOSED

Monday 26th December - CLOSED

Tuesday 27th December  - Regular business hours 8am-5pm

Wednesday 28th December - Regular Business Hours 8am-5pm

Thursday 29th December - Regular Business Hours 8am-5pm

Friday 30th December - Regular Business Hours 8am-5pm

Saturday 31st December - Walk in customer counter open 9am-12pm

Sunday 1st January - CLOSED

Monday 2nd January - CLOSED

Tuesday 3rd January - Regular business hours 8am - 5pm  

IMPORTANT: The order desk is closed from 5pm EST on Friday 23rd December, through until 8am on Tuesday 27th December, and from 5pm EST on Friday 30th December, through until 8am on Tuesday 3rd January.  Our phone lines and emails WILL NOT be monitored or checked during this period. Please make sure all orders and any changes to existing orders are made well before the deadlines listed above.

Thank you.


Due to the large increases in the cost of diesel and gasoline fuel we must increase our Fuel Surcharge to $6.00 per delivery. This new Fuel Surcharge price is effective from 1st April 2022. 

We will monitor these prices on an ongoing basis and going forward will adjust the Surcharge with the movement in prices. 


To our valued customers:

There are continuing shortages of product and supply chain issues for commercial CO2 which have dramatically increased the costs of dry ice production. The inflationary costs of freight and distribution over past months, particularly for fuel and labor have also made it necessary for us to increase our prices. Dry ice prices will increase on 1st April, 2022. Please contact our Customer Service team or Sales Manager for more information.

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