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Insulated Packaging 

Cardboard Outer Boxes Shipping
  • OUTER SHIPPING CARTONS - Heavy duty cardboard supplied with pre printed dry ice safety information on outer display.  We also stock plain cardboard outers in our most popular sizes for customers to put own labelling and branding on. 

EPS Styrofoam Containers
  • EPS (Styro Containers) - Insulated styro containers in various sizes and insulation thickness.

Dry Ice Slabs and Styrofoam container
  • DRY ICE - Available in packaging friendly slabs and nuggets 

  • GEL PACKS - Our ready frozen and non frozen gel packs are a cost effective and convenient way of keeping your chilled products within the desired temperature range.

For more information, download our latest 'Packaging Materials' PDF brochure below to see our full range of products complete with specifications and sizing.

Packaging Materials Flyer - Click on thumbnail to open

FOT Packaging Materials Flyer Thumbnail.
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