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What Is Dry Ice Used For?

pharma sample in dry ice

Ideal for keeping biological and biomedical / pharmacological samples frozen during transport and in laboratory.

Dry Ice Blasting Photo.png

Used for dry ice blasting which provides superior cleaning of equipment compared to traditional methods.


Ideal for eCommerce frozen fulfillment requirements such as Home Delivery Ready Frozen Meal Kits.


If there is a power outage you can use dry ice to keep your products frozen, be it a truck load or your freezer at home.


For shrink fitting in engineering to fit together bearings, collars, shafts, etc that require an interference fit.


Used in the airline and train industry for in-transit catering keeping food frozen until ready to prepare / serve.

Halloween Girl Smoking Cauldron Crop.jpg

For creating spooky halloween effect and small fog effects in theaters.


Enhance photography and filming with special effects using dry ice.


It preserves freshness, texture, and appearance in meat processing.

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