Introducing Dry Ice Drinkware


What Is Dry Ice Drinkware?

Dry Ice Drinkware is an exclusive range of drinkware products that allow you to serve drinks SAFELY using Chill Ice (a form of dry ice exclusively available at Dry Ice & Gases Co.) with alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages to create some amazing smoking bubbling displays for your patrons. 


Our Dry Ice Drinkware Products

Smoking Shooter Glass

(A great way to serve shots)

Smoking Ice Container

(For use with pitchers and punch bowls)

Smoking Dry Ice Kit for A Serving Bucket

(Enhance the VIP experience)

Can I Use Any Kind Of Dry Ice In The Drinkware?

The answer is NO.  Our Chill Ice is sized specifically to fit through all the different sized safety valves that form part of the drinkware products we sell.  Dry ice that is either too large or small may damage or slip through the safety valve, and if swallowed can be dangerous to bare skin, the mouth, and gastrointestinal tissue.

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